Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
bridge_native_dahdi.h File Reference

Native DAHDI bridging support. More...

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int dahdi_native_load (const struct ast_channel_tech *tech)
void dahdi_native_unload (void)

Detailed Description

Native DAHDI bridging support.

Richard Mudgett rmudg[email protected][email protected][email protected]digiu[email protected][email protected]m

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Definition in file bridge_native_dahdi.h.

Function Documentation

◆ dahdi_native_load()

int dahdi_native_load ( const struct ast_channel_tech tech)

Definition at line 904 of file bridge_native_dahdi.c.

References ast_bridge_technology_register, and dahdi_native_unload().

Referenced by load_module().

905 {
906  dahdi_tech = tech;
910  return -1;
911  }
913  return 0;
914 }
static const struct ast_channel_tech * dahdi_tech
#define ast_bridge_technology_register(technology)
See __ast_bridge_technology_register()
void dahdi_native_unload(void)
static struct ast_bridge_technology native_bridge

◆ dahdi_native_unload()

void dahdi_native_unload ( void  )

Definition at line 891 of file bridge_native_dahdi.c.

References ast_bridge_technology_unregister().

Referenced by __unload_module(), and dahdi_native_load().

892 {
894 }
int ast_bridge_technology_unregister(struct ast_bridge_technology *technology)
Unregister a bridge technology from use.
Definition: bridge.c:265
static struct ast_bridge_technology native_bridge